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Luis is an award-winning Spanish film composer based in Madrid. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Piano and Music Theory from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (UK) and a Master's degree in Film Scoring from Centro Superior Katarina Gurska, where he received the Best Soundtrack award in 2015.

Since graduating, Luis has focused on composing for film and television as a freelancer He attended Penka Kouneva's Orchestration Masterclass in Los Angeles in March 2017 and has composed original scores for various projects, including the film "The Dragon Kingdom" (UK), the Spanish series "Wake Up" for RTVE, and the films “Junglemahal the Awakening” (India) and "The Evil Fairy Queen" (UK, 2024, directed by Simon Wells). In 2020, he composed the original score for the Spanish film "75 Días" produced by Spainwood Films and directed by Marc Romero, which premiered at the Malaga International Film Festival. Additionally, Luis has contributed to video game soundtracks such as "Tintin - Cigars of the Pharaoh" by Pendulo Studios (2023) and "Dejar Ir" (2023), among others.

A multi-instrumentalist, Luis has extensive experience in live music and theater, having performed as a lead singer, guitarist, pianist, bass player, and live engineer for numerous shows. As a lead orchestrator, he has contributed to several Spanish productions including "The Circus," "The Black Cat," and "Magallanes," and has worked as a Music Director and Producer for many others.

Luis's orchestrating work extends worldwide, including the Spanish premiere of "The Witcher" by Netflix, remote recording sessions in Los Angeles, London, and India, and collaborations with orchestras such as the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

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